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Riccardo Favero | July 26th – August 04th

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Historical keyboards

WHAT INCLUDES: membership of the association, the master class, free participation in evening concerts and insurance.

The historically informed piano performance practice

Keyboards Masterclass  offers lessons with Maestro Riccardo Favero.

“Interpretation of the eighteenth-century repertoire until the advent of contemporary piano”

What is historical executive practice on keyboards?
First of all for performance I mean the set of practices that mark the execution of a piece of music, we can ascribe the portamento, the ligatures, the fingering and much more: everything that the score intends but does not say, because it is tacitly granted in common practice.
Another necessary condition to be able to descend as thoroughly as possible in the historical reconstruction is the use of original instruments, all this in order to offer the opportunity to bring young musicians closer to the study of the interpretation of ancient music, becoming familiar with keyboard instruments and their technical-organological peculiarities.
Students will have at their disposal keyboard instruments of inestimable cultural value and for which the repertoire has been conceived, a course therefore not intended to be a simple opportunity to practice on fully functional ancient instruments, but deep knowledge of them.

Instruments available to the course:

• Hans Ruckers Anversa 1622 harpsichord – Favero Riccardo, 1990
• Anton Walter 1789 Fortepiano – Favero Riccardo, 1989
• Sebastian Erard 1871 Fortepiano

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The masterclass is aimed both at those who already have experience with historical instruments, and those who want to approach the particular reality of historically informed performance practice.


The masterclass includes 5 individual lessons.
The course will offer lessons for harpsichord and fortepiano solo and 4 hands up to chamber music literature with reference to the music that usually fills the piano recitals starting from Scarlatti, passing through Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven to get to Brahms.


The timetable and operation of the master class will be defined by the Master and the Organization according to the class composition. In case of special needs (train time on arrival or departure, etc.) it is necessary to communicate it as soon as possible to the Secretariat.


The teacher can select the best students for participation in evening concerts in the “Campus Festival” program. We recommend that you wear concert clothes.


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