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Campus Secretariat- Hotel Palladio

The Campus Secretariat is located at Hotel Palladio and will be open to welcome students starting at 10 am on July 21st.

Hotel Belvedere

Here, some lessons and some musical moments will be held at the “Salone Ottocento” and the “Hall”. For the students staying at the hotel, here there is the Dining Room.

Location del Campus delle Arti

Palazzo Agostinelli

Palazzo Agostinelli was donated to the city of Bassano by the dancer Mary Dirhoui Megrditchain Agostinelli, according to her wishes and here some courses of the Campus are held.

Primary School “Giuseppe Mazzini” – Study halls

By taking the Vicolo Jacopo da Ponte, the Primary School hosts the Study halls for the students of the Campus. It is necessary to book the halls at the Campus’s administration.

Urban Center

The Urban Center was founded with the aim to involve in an incisive way the Community in the policies on the transformation of the town and its territory. It hosts some lessons during the Campus delle Arti.

The Watchtower of the Castello degli Ezzellini

This is a part of the wall of the Castello degli Ezzellini and here some lesson will be held.

Chiesetta dell’Angelo

This is a suggestive church where the piano masterclass held by the Maestro Kostantin Bogino will take place and it is the location of some evening concerts of the CampusFestival.

Chiesetta di San Rocco

This is a suggestive church dedicated to Saint Roch, only open to the Campus for its lessons. We want to thank for the incredible opportunity to use this place.

Rome office

Our registered office is located in Rome, home to some activities of the Campus delle Arti during the year.