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Angela Chiofalo
Fabiola Sacco
Marcella Faletra
Angela Chiofalo, has created the Campus and is its artistic director since 2004. She teaches piano at the Padua Conservatory.
Federico Novarini, MA in flute and research doctorate in music in València (Spain), after the experience as assistant of the director of the Conservatory of Padua, he takes care of the Secretariat, the Organization and the Teaching of the Campus, having participated for years in quality of student.
Fabiola Sacco, graduated in linguistic mediation. Specialized in adaptation to dialogues. Enthusiastic about the project, she will put her linguistic skills at the disposal, given the international level that has reached the Campus in the music scene.
Marcella Faletra, founding member, has always believed in the potential of the Campus and has actively participated in it: since 2015 he is again President of the Campus. Graduated in law, she works in the field of public administration in the European sector.

Giuliana Bof
Christine Treml
Carla Donadio
Laura Mariotti e Franco Ilardo
Giuliana Bof, graduated in piano and specialized in music organization and management, she has collaborated with the Campus delle Arti since 2012.
Christine Treml, tireless tutor, welcomes and follows with dedication and responsibility every child. He teaches at the Germanic School of Rome.
Carla Donadio, employee of the Chamber of Deputies, secretary of the solidarity group of employees of the Chamber of Deputies. The solidarity group has been granting scholarships for two years to participate in the Campus. She is Matteo’s mother, raised on bread and clarinet.
Laura Mariotti e Franco Ilardo, Fatebenefratelli Press Office. Parents of Chiara and Andrea grew up at the Campus delle Arti.