He began studying the piano in his family very young. Fundamental then, for his musical formation, the meetings with M. R. Seidlhofer of the Academy of Figurative Arts and Music of Vienna, Aldo Ciccolini, Patrizia Marisaldi and Ton Koopman.

The career of harpsichordist and fortista (in solo recitals, with orchestra and in chamber ensembles) has joined that of conductor.

He directed some of the most important pages of WA Mozart (Così fan tutte, Betulia Liberata, Messa da Requiem, Mass in C Min., Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra, Gran Partita, Sonatas for fortepiano), by Antonio Salieri (Concerto for Fortepiano) and Orchestra in C major, Serenade for a Temple of the Night), by L. van Beethoven (Concerto Op. 61), by JS Bach (Integrale sonatas for Flute and Cembalo, Concerti Brandenburg, Cantate BWV 28-29-140-151 , Johannes Passion, Magnificat), by D. Buxtehude (Magnificat, Jesu Membra Nostri), by C. Monteverdi (Mass to 4 voices from the chapel) by A. Vivaldi (The Four Seasons, Magnificat RV 610, Gloria RV 589, Gloria RV 588) as well as authors such as GB Pergolesi, B. Galuppi, A. Lotti, A. Lucchesi, B. Marini, N. Corradini, D. Castello, A. Grandi, N. Jommelli, G. Pugnani, N. Porpora, F Biber, J. Stamitz, V. Lubeck, FJ Haydn, etc.

Engaged in activities of research and recovery of precious heritage of the little known musical heritage, he has published and performed some unpublished scores by Giovanni Legrenzi: the “Musical Concerts for Church use, Op. I – Mass and Vespers”, the “Missa Lauretana” quinque Vocibus “, the Oratorio” Il Sedecia “.

He has played in important venues such as the Tonhalle Concert Hall in Düsseldorf, the Inka Hostal in Cuzco, the Salle Pleyel in Paris, the Opera in Istanbul, the Theater de Grenoble, the Theater Mariinsky in St. Petersburg, the Teatro Municipal in Lima, the Trujillo Theater, the Suntory Hall in Tokyo, the Salieri Theater in Legnago, the Sale Apollinee della Fenice etc.

He has recorded for the labels Kicco Records, Dynamic, Brilliant Classic, Urania Records, Phoenix, Bongiovanni.

Eclectic personality, scholar of lutology and organology, for many years he attended the laboratory of the Master Fabrizio Reginato, passionate about the study of acoustics and methods of construction of stringed instruments and keyboard, flanking the activity of musicians that of violinmaking.


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