borinChoral Music and Choir Conducting

Luciano Borin, graduated in Piano, Choral Music and Choir Conducting (C. Battel) and Composition (W. Dalla Vecchia) at the Conservatorio C. Pollini in Padova. Further studies in Choir Conducting with J. Casas, P. Eidenbenz and Orchestra (Accademia Musicale Pescarese), meanwhile studying Philosophy at Venice University. He is a certified teacher at the Lichtenberger® Institut für angewandte Stimmphysiologie and is constantly in contact with Gisela Rohmert. His vocal and instrumental compositions were awarded in national and international competitions and performed in important Festivals, they have also been recorded for RAI. He played with Viotti Chamber Orchestra (recording 2 CDs for DYNAMIC) and with Gruppo Ricerca NOVO CONCENTO. Active as vocal–instrumental ensembles conductor and correpetitor and improvising pianist, he is professor of Music Pedagogy and tutor for the Academical Courses at the Padova Conservatory. Author of didactic-pedagogical publications he holds different courses addressed to teachers, theatrical and musical associations. He is NOVO CONCENTO artistic director in Conegliano so far as NOVA CANTICA Vocal Studies Centre artistic director in Belluno.