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The Campus aims to formulate an educational path designed on the characteristics and needs of each individual student. From the neophyte to the beginner, from the young man who has already started the concert career to the one who practices music and art as a form of culture, everyone goes his own way.


Playing, drawing, singing, improvising, acting and doing it “together” promotes the motivation of learning in a joyful way in sharing a common goal. Various laboratories are planned which constitute added value in a perspective of continuity between practice and theory. 


The Choir Workshop; The Orchestra Workshop; Chamber Music; Improvisation – Composition


These courses are intended for young musicians starting their professional career. The exchange of experiences and the deepening of specific technical-musical, expressive-interpretative and repertoire analysis are the objectives for the artistic and musical growth of the students.



Instrument – Functional vocality
The courses are aimed at those who possess skills already acquired. They are designed to meet the needs of those who start training or to practice music as a form of culture.

Can not choose the type of teaching suitable for you?

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