On holiday with your instrument

8-14 year olds | 22 – 30 July

A musical training project focusing on collective activities to unite young people through music. The students will follow, besides their own instrumental course, two workshops of their choice, based on their skills, from among a Choir workshop, an Orchestra workshop, Chamber Music and / or Improvisation – Composition.

Individual instrument classes

Six 30-minute classes from among: piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, trumpet, clarinet, horn, harp, percussion, guitar.

Two collective labs from among:

  • Choir Workshop 12 hours
  • Chamber Music 3 hours
  • Orchestra workshop 18 hours
  • Improvisation – Composition 8 hours

Cost € 920,00  

The fee includes: membership of the association, the teaching path selected, assisted study, a dedicated tutor, participation in the evening concerts, accommodation and full board and insurance.