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The CAMPUS DELLE ARTI is an adventure, which for the last ten years has embodied the dream of bringing young people close to music. We strongly believe that education to quality music is a powerful stimulus towards a more receptive and deeper vision and perception of life, and offers our children, who are the future of our society, an alternative to loneliness and banality.

In pursuit of this goal, a group of parents and supporters established in 2009 the Association of Associazione Friends of the Campus delle Arti with the aim of supporting the CAMPUS. For us and for our children the CAMPUS is a wonderful opportunity for personal unfolding by sharing passions and important moments of togetherness; to this end we, as association members, make available our professional experience, volunteer work and financial resources.

Many professionals, companies, organizations and friends have supported the Association of Friends of the Campus delle Arti. Among them, especially noteworthy is the action of the Solidarity Group of Employees of the Chamber of Deputies in helping to realize our ideal that music is for everyone.

We hope, for next year, that all of our supporters and institutional partners will confirm their appreciation for our work and will strongly support us for the near future. We take this opportunity to express our sincere and warm gratitude to the outgoing President Francesco Facchin who, with his tireless efforts, has made possible the success of last year, laying very solid foundations to address the next challenges.

“Where there is music there can be nothing bad”

We make our own the words of Don Quixote of Cervantes renewing our determination to give substance, through music, to our daily need for beauty and justice.

Marcella Faletra

amici_campusHow can I make my contribution?

You can join the Association of Friends of the Campus delle Arti by completing the registration form.

[Membership of the association is included in the quotas of the summer courses.]

Download the registration form

Download the statute

Who will receive my contribution?

Your contribution will go directly to young musicians and especially to those who, despite having the talent and the ambition to continue to study music, often cannot afford it.

Ricordando a tutti coloro che vorranno diventare nostri sostenitori che gli “Amici del Campus delle Arti” è una Associazione senza scopo di lucro, il cui fine è “promuovere, sostenere e diffondere con qualsiasi modalità la cultura musicale, scientifica, letteraria ed artistica in genere…”. Per questo tutto il tuo contributo sarà devoluto in borse di studio e nell’acquisto di attrezzature, strumenti e spartiti ad unico beneficio di giovani strumentisti.



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  • Ordinary member: 20€
  • Supporting member: 50€


  • Corporate friend: 1000€

Indicate your personal information (which shall be protected as required by law) to be informed about our activities and the use of your subscription.

Marcella Faletra

President “Friends of the Campus delle Arti”