06 (2)Instrument

Instrumental courses are aimed at participants already possessing specific skills; they are designed according to the requirements of those who have embarked on a professional training path or practice music as a form of culture.

5 one-hour classes
Period: 22 July – 2 August
Cost: 400 euros

Pianoforte Teacher: Laura Pietrocini; Sanna Vaarni, Matteo Santolamazza
Organ Teacher: Mirko Ballico
Violino Teacher: Lorenzo RüdigerGlauco Bertagnin
Viola Teacher: Julia Dinerstein, Fabrizio Scalabrin, Mikhail Zemtsov
Cello Teacher: Francesco Storino, Sanja Repse
Clarinet Teacher: Luca Lucchetta
TeacherDiego Cal
Flute Teacher: Claudio Montafia
Horn Teacher: Guglielmo Pellarin
Percussion Teacher: Massimo Pastore
Guitar Teacher: Arturo Tallini

Individual functional vocality – Method Lichtenberger® Institut (RFT) by Gisela Rohmert.

A pedagogy of voice to discover and improve one’s vocal function, to contact one’s own emotions, rediscover one’s bodily dimension and authenticity through sound. A learning method focusing on sensorial activation as a means to reach a state of motor-system calmness and vitality, freedom from pressures, which is a precondition of optimum voice emission and expression. The course is aimed at all those who wish to improve their vocal function irrespectively of their level of preparation and knowledge.

Repertoire classes can be offered to solo singers or to those who make this request.

Comfortable clothing is recommended along with a mat and blanket for work on the floor.

Those who are interested can take part in the evening shows following specific repertoire work.

TeacherLuciano Borin


22 – 23 July

The course will cover collective bodily perception work (auditory, corporeal, sensorial) as well as individual classes for a total of 9 hours.
Schedule: Saturday 23 July 10-13/15-18 and Sunday 24 July 10-13
Cost: 180 Euros

Max. ten participants

MATINÉE   for individual participants, choirs and vocal groups (reservation required)

25 – 29 July

The course includes individual and collective work (only with previously established groups)

Schedule: 9.30/12.30
Cost:  individual  classes 150 € – group/chorus 180 €

Costs include the association membership card and insurance