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June 25th


Deadline for applications


August 3rd


Award competition


August 3rd


Award Ceremony

Among the objectives of the Campus delle Arti, the promotion of excellence is very important.

The Campus delle Arti Award was established in 2013 enabling 37 young musicians from the Campus to perform in 127 concerts in Italy and 29 abroad and to make 15 recordings.

The selection procedures will take place on August 3rd and the award ceremony on the same day August 3rd.

The competition is open to all students of the Campus delle Arti who, at the time of enrollment, did not complete the 30th year of age. The candidates shall be soloists and chamber music groups that will play one or more pieces for max ten minutes. Soloists will be accompanied by Campus pianists; if so, it has to be reported upon registration and by sending the parts no later than July 1st.

On the evening of the 28th of July the best participants will perform at the Award Gala included in the CampusFestival program, where they will have the chance to win the Audience Award and extra concerts.

Awardees from previous years may participate provided they are part of a different group. To participate with the same formation (solo or chamber ensemble), they have to wait at least three editions from the edition when they won.

The decision of the Jury, consisting of the Artistic Director and renowned musicians, cannot be appealed. The Jury may decide not to award all prizes.

Participation fee: 30 euros.
Deadline for applications:June 18th

Campus delle Arti award application

Apply to the Campus delle Arti Award. |
It is compulsory to send the Curriculum Vitae, a high definition photo (of the ensemble, if the participants are more than one), and a 45 minute concert proposal, including an eventually bis (possibly very popular).

Participant\'s name and surname
Write the name of the teacher(s) with whom you will study at the Campus delle Arti and the type of course
Select if you\'ll participe individual or as a chamber ensemble.
Tell us what will you play during the selection. One or more pieces for max ten minutes.
Select if you\'ll need the piano accompanist for the award
I read the information and I authorize the processing of personal data. (Obligatory)
High definition photo (of the ensemble, if the participants are more than one)
45 minutes of concert proposal program, including an eventually bis (possibly very popular).